iMessage app Error

Hi everyone,

I am creating an iMessage app for Xcode. I have just started, so there isn’t really much code written, however, I am still encountering an error message. When I go back to the contacts list on the Simulator, my iMessage add-on crashes. The error message is:
Failed to inherit CoreMedia permissions from 25070: (null)

I need help. I have not put any image assets in yet, just a button that changes a label when clicked. As I said, not much code yet, but pretty confused that there’s already an error message.

Would appreciate any help that anyone can give…

Thank you,

you might need to add permissions to access iMessage/email/storage etc, you can do this by editing the info.plist


Thanks for the reply. Could you tell me a little bit more about how to edit the info.plist?

Thank you,

just simply edit/open the file with textedit

here is a list of permissions that you might need