Importing Free Sports Statistics for an App Idea

I have just recently been thinking of an app idea, but I need some

guidance. The idea is a player comparison app, that compares

professional sports players side by side depending on who the user wants to

compare. I wanted to compare each player based on his stats, and for the

stats to be updated regularly. This however, is where I’ve hit a roadblock.

I couldn’t find any reliable, free sports statistics API’s and I tried web

scraping, only to find that virtually every site has terms and conditions

that makes it illegal to use data from their sites and make money off of

it. I don’t want to spend any money in the production of this project, so I

was just wondering if you could quickly respond telling me if this is even

possible, and if so am I doing anything wrong so far and is there something

that I’m not doing that I should be trying in order to bring in data to my

app, and the path that I should take. Thank you all for the support!