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Hey guys,

I am trying to launch my second App but this time I have included In-App purchases . I’m stuck on the technical forms re payment . In order to apply for a Business number from CRA I have to select the type of Business . Since Apple takes a cut from any profit can I still set this up with myself being the sole proprietor? If not can you offer any advice on how I should go about this . Thanks very much ! Sooni

Welcome to the community!

I’m not sure what this is referring to, are you from the USA?

You can be a sole proprietor, that’s how mine I set up right now

Thanks for the reply.

I’m referring to the tax and banking setup. I’m from Canada.

The reason why I didn’t think to choose sole proprietor was because Apple takes part of the profit, correct? Wouldn’t it be a partnership instead. I don’t know??

Since you chose sole proprietor, I think I’m going with that option.

Able takes a cut no matter what kind of business entity you choose