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In app subscription promotional images


I’m requesting help here because I don’t know what else to do. I’m submitting my app to the App Store and it’s been rejected like 5 times for the same reason.

I have 3 subscriptions with my app submission. By mistake I uploaded the same promotional image for the 3 subscriptions. My app is good and it’s almost approve. However is rejected because the 3 in app subscriptions have the same promotional image. Apple tells me that I can’t do any change to the in app subscriptions until my app is approve but the my app is not approve because of the promotional images. Magically, one of the subscriptions was approved and I was able to chance the promotional image. But the other two are still under review and they already have like 7 days under the same status.

If anybody have had the same issue please let me know how to solve this.

Thanks a los for your help

Can you change the in app purchase metadata, for the right image?

Hi Mikaela

No, I can’t. Until the reviewer don’t approve my app I can’t change the promotional image, and at the same time if I don’t change the promotional images the reviewer won’t approve my app. As you see is an endless loop. I reply to the reviewer several times and the response is the same: “Please check the documentation on how to remove a promotional image”. That documentation says that you can remove the image only if the in a-app subscription is not under review.

Yesterday, something strange happens. I talked to an Apple support guy over the phone and he told me that if I submit a new version I will be able to change those promotional images. I did it, but only one in-app subscription changed its status from “In Review” to “Approved”. Then I was able to change the promotional image. I waited a long time and the other two in app subscriptions still were under Review. I upload another version of the app expecting that the same behavior could happen but nothing happens. So right now, my other two subscriptions are still under review and they already have more than 10 days.

Somebody gave me the advise that I should delete the app and restore it again, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea since I have no idea if the in app subscriptions will change it’s status to “Ready for review” or I won’t be able to use the same subscriptions product id after I restore the app again.

Please let me know your thoughts


Angel Ramirez

Hi Angel, I’d try to remove the in-app purchase, and add it again. Is there a big detriment to not using the same “product id?” for in app purchases? You would NOT have to change the bundle ID of the entire app

Hi Mikaela

Since the subscription are under review there’s no button to remove those subscriptions and add new ones. I don’t have any problem changing or using another product id but there’s no way to remove those in app purchases while in review.

I added new ones but there are still those two that are causing me problem for the app to be approved.

I’ve been talking to apple support and they’ve been very supportive and now the case escalated to the team responsible for the in app purchases review. I called today again and they told me that I was in good hands so sit tight and wait for a response from their side. I will do that. Thanks for your help

Glad to hear support is being helpful! I haven’t personally run into this before

Once they find the solution, post it here and mark it as solved, it may help someone else who faces the same thing

I’m glad to let you know that my app is already live on the App Store. After several communications with Apple they realized that there were a glitch on the App Store connect and solved the issue. I fixed all that they were asking to fix this morning and after 1 hour under review they released my app for sale.

This is the link of How am I Driving: ‎How am I Driving on the App Store

Please note it is available only for the USA market.

I Appreciate your help on this Mikaela. Also I want to thank to Chris and all his team for an excellent environment to learn how to codeine swift.