In which course, I can learn about UIImagePickerController?

In which course, I can learn about UIImagePickerController ?

Are you following a UIKit course or SwiftUI?

If you are coding in SwiftUI then there is now a PhotoPicker API available in SwiftUI (as of iOS 16) which means you do not have to resort to creating a UIViewRepresentable object to deal with the PhotoLibrary.

Chris Ching has not covered this as yet so take a look at this from Paul Hudson:

Will Chris create a course in which we can learn how to use a PhotoPicker API?

At this stage it’s probably unlikely but I can’t be sure.

Your best bet is to follow a series of tutorials from Stewart Lynch on that subject. Here is the first in a series of videos of how to select an image from the photo library and how to take an image with the camera.