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Incorrect button placement in SwiftUI


I am making my own app and I get in trouble, when I completed my LoginView and RegisterView.

After completing these 2 view I tried my App and when I try click on Log Out button it does not react, I found that the placement of the button is down from its label. After clicking on game play button and return button, the Log Out button placement is again back on its place.

I tried to find mistake in my code, but it is still the same code like it was working before.

If somebody knows the solutions, pleas let me know.

Have a nice day and thanks a lot,
Stanislav Holas

Button code here

There is video of my App, there can be seen that button placement is incorrect and after start and stopping game it is again on correct place

There is something else in that overall View that is causing the problem. The Button label code by itself looks fine.

Do you have the project on Github?


Thank you for your replay.

Yes I have my project on Github and it is private.

Could you please send my your name, so I will be able to give you access ?

Or should I make it public ?