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Inserting imaging step at 8:14 on Lesson 1 (2023 / Xcode 14 / SwiftUI) is not the same on my version of Xcode

I am running Xcode Version Version 14.1 (14B47b), but the step of inserting the image that Chris performs as 9:39 [ How to Make an App - Lesson 1 (2023 / Xcode 14 / SwiftUI) - YouTube ] when I come to insert an image from the Library, I do not see the same in my version of Xcode… when I type in “Image” in prompt for the Swift code prompt, Xcode returns “No Matches”… whsat gives? Have I configured Xcode properly, what do I need to configure so that it responds with the appropriate Xcode snippet?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Michael.

Can you post a screen shot of your Xcode window so that we can see what you are seeing?

It appears that I need to show the Canvas Editor, Editor>Canvas for the preview to display, and when it does that the required additional objects such as “Image”, “Asynch Image” appears. Having done that I now see the preview of the content view.