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Interstitial Ads without Importing UIKit


I am new to development but I was able to put banner ads in my app using ONLY SwiftUI; that is, I did it without importing UIKit. I would like to know if there is any way to do interstitial ads without importing UIKit. Perhaps, someone has done it before.


Banner Ads Without Importing UIKit

You should carefully consider whether or not to monetise an App. For the most part, advertisements in an App is a massive turn off for most people. Personally I hate them.

A better approach (and this is just my opinion) is to make your App free and restrict access to functionality by making use of InApp purchases to unlock those restrictions.

If the App is constantly throwing up advertisements from time to time you will find that users will just delete the App as I do.

Also the revenue from advertisements is an absolute pittance and unless you have thousands of downloads you are not going to be able to afford that luxury villa in Spain.

Thanks for the advise. I appreciate your input and candor. I am getting a divorce. I do not need a luxury villa but I do need money to feed & drive my 4 children. Let me know what else I can do to improve my app.

I found this post about putting interstitial ads without Importing UIkit.



How bad is the ads paying? Can you quantify better to help me get a better idea.

Also, with the last post, one can use the following code to integrate interstitial ads to his or her app.

.onAppear {

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Ads are pretty bad, unless you have thousands of users like Chris said.
As in with maybe 1,000 clicks on an ad, you’ll get 1 cent

You should look at putting features behind a paywall and doing a single in app purchase or a subscription


My app was built entirely on SwiftUI. RevenueCat Video with Chris requires importing UIKit. Do we have a video of RevenueCat without using storyboard or importing UIKit?


There’s nothing wrong with creating a UIViewControllerRepresentable to splice UIKit into your SwiftUI App. In fact if you ever wanted to import images from the users photo Library you have no choice but to use that very method.