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Ios 90 Days Course = Apple Software Engineer?

Hey Guys,
i am new to Ios and have just Basic experience and would like to learn more and be an Ios Developer and i would like to ask what is teached in the Ios 90 Days Course ?
Do i learn to fix Bugs etc.?
Do i learn how an Ios Software Engineer works, like using Commands how i delet files that i dont need shortcuts find code in the 1000 Files
Moving data in the app etc
Do i learn everything that i need to be an Ios Developer and find an Job ?

Thanks alot Friends and sorry for my bad English


The “Learn iOS in 90 Days” will give you a good grounding in using SwiftUI by showing you how to create a few different Apps using SwiftUI and the Swift programming language.

There are some debugging techniques covered.

The course concentrates on how to use the Xcode development environment in which you write code to create an App. Operating system commands to delete files and search for code within files is not covered.

Using data in your Apps is covered and you will learn how to create basic data such as JSON data.

You will gain an overall basic understanding of how Apps are built using Xcode, but becoming an iOS Developer will take a lot longer than 90 Days if you are a beginner.