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iOS 90 days training course

Does the training done on Xcode 12.5 and swift 5?

  1. Does treat database ( php/ mysql )
  2. login , registration that interact with database
  3. full crud system
  4. iOS swiftui design
  5. And others mentioned by Chris in the YouTube video - SwiftUI Tutorial for Beginners -3.5 hour Masterclass-


Welcome to the community.

The “Learn iOS in 90 Days” is a structured approach to the Course “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)”. It guides you though the “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)” course in a way that you don’t try to do too much in a day to give you a chance of absorbing what you learned.

No. These topics are covered in the “iOS Databases (SwiftUI)” course but does not cover PHP or sql. It integrates with CoreData and Firebase.

These courses in CWC+ deal with Design.

OKay… will this course working on Xcode 12.5
Am coming from PHP/Mysql background that why am asking if it treat php/sql. So when you talk about login and others stuff like, is it that no live server connection. If I need to connection app to live server as in app that get its data from web server

I need to be sure before I enroll