iOS Databases with UIKit out of date

I have just started this course and notice that quite a few things that Chris Ching is explaining do not work. For example :(1) in Video 5, in ViewController. “import Firebase” is now replaced with “import FirebaseCore” (2) let db = Firestore.firestore() gets an error unless you insert “import FirebaseFirestore” (3) GoogleService-info.plist does not include the DATBASE_URL so the link to the Firestore website is not available. This course was published over 3 years ago and needs updating as code is deprecated or changed all the time.

Yes, the course was created by Chris Ching more than 3 years ago. The focus these days is on SwiftUI and is considered the future of iOS development.

Not the sort of encouragement I need, having just paid $70 to take the course. No warning about the possibility of the instructions being out of date. These videos need a periodic review to make sure that they are still viable. If they need updating then at least an addendum to alert the student to any prerequisites, deprecations, deletions, additions and changes before they run the video.

If you wish to discuss the matter further with the team then you are more than welcome to contact them by email via

Whilst the UIKit focussed courses are not up to date in some respects they are fundamentally still relevant. The best thing to do is ask questions here regarding specific issues you are having and I am sure that someone can point you in the right direction. One thing you will have to adjust to is that the functionality of Xcode has changed significantly in the intervening time but even so, where there are differences in the way storyboard elements are configured there are people here who can help out.

Thank you for your considered response.

Hi @wetpatch ,
I’m sorry about the experience you went through with this UIKit course.
I’ll add a note to the beginning of this course and go through the others to do the same if necessary.