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iOS Foundation(SwiftUI) Module 2- Lesson 8 challenge

Despite extensive brainstorming, I am unable to come up with a viable alternative to the solution provided.

Hey thanks for posting!

This is what I did:

     Adds a pineapple to each of our pizzas. Changes the first property to this.
    func addPineapple() {
        // Initialize an empty list of pizzas
        var updatedPizzas = [Pizza]()
        // Loop through our old list of pizzas to find their current toppings
        for pizza in pizzas {
            // Set a pizza we can change equal to the current pizza in the list
            var newPizza = pizza
            // Set this pizza's first topping to pineapple
            newPizza.topping1 = "Pineapple"
            // Add the updated pizza to our new list
        // Set the current pizzas to our new list, because we cannot directly change the current pizzas from here
        // Instead we need to set it to an entirely new list
        Pizza = updatedPizzas

Also, I’d suggest not naming variables with capital letters, and giving the variable name some indication that it is a list. So perhaps renaming your Pizza to pizzaList, or just plural pizzas.

Here’s another pro tip, when posting code, use the tilde symbol, the weird squiggly looking symbol in the top-left of the keyboard ~. Then encapsulating your code within two tildes, so <code>.

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Your efforts are much appreciated. Can you please share whole ViewModel class code?

You’re welcome, and absolutely! I’ll do you one better than that. See here for the whole codebase: GitHub - agholson/Pizza-App


P.S. spero che ti piace il mio umorismo