iOS Foundations Challenge 4 Assets not found

I am currently doing iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) and am trying to build

what it is in* Challenge 4**: SwiftUI Views and Containers *but can’t find

the Asset file (zip) under resources.Can you please guide me from where to

get these?

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Hi Sawar,

Go up to the “Before You Begin” Section and tap on “Resources”. On that page look down to the 3rd link titled “Lesson 4 Image Assets” and click on that link.

Tap on the first filename titled “Lesson 4 Challenge Image” and on the next screen tap on “Download” over on the right hand side of your browser window and those two images you see named on the left (london.jpg and toronto.jpg) will be downloaded in a .zip file.

When the file has downloaded to your Download folder you will need to find that file, double click on it to expand the 2 images into a folder. Open that folder and drag the 2 Images into your Assets catalogue in your project and you should be good to go.

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When I click on the “Lesson 4 Image Assets” link under “Resources” for the iOS Fundamentals training, the link takes me to the (3) image for Lesson 4, not the Lesson 4 Challenge files. Any help on where to find the Lesson 4 CHALLENGE files? Thanks!

Something has changed between November 24 and now and it appears that it has been accidental. The site administrator has been advised.

In the meantime, the two files you are looking for can be found in the “Resources” page of the course titled “14 Day Beginner Challenge”. The link on that page is titled “Lesson 4 Image Assets” and will take you to a Dropbox page the same as that in the image above.

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I am working on Lesson 4 challenge , The 2 pictures are on 2 phone screens, When I try to load the example project you included I get this error Project /Users/davidstaller/Desktop/Lesson 4 assets/Lesson 4 Challenge/Lesson 4 Challenge.xcodeproj cannot be opened because it is missing its project.pbxproj file.


Hi David,

Are you referring to this solution file circled?

If so then I just downloaded it to check and it works fine.

By the way, don’t confuse me with Chris Ching. I am one of the moderators here and coincidentally have the same first name.

I just double clicked the project when I got the error, do I have to do something with all the files that came with it first? Also is there a way to just look at the syntax of the code instead of loading in Xcode?

Just to make sure that you are downloading the Solution zip file correctly, do the following:

When you get to the Dropbox screen (as per the sample above) tap on the “Lesson 4 Challenge” link and on the next screen presented tap on the “Download” button over on the right hand side and select “Download direct”. The file will appear in your Download folder (or whichever folder you have manually configured to be your download folder).

Double click on the file and it will unzip and create a separate folder containing the Xcode project.

Open that folder and double click on the file named “Lesson 4 Challenge.xcodeproj” which will open the project in Xcode. If you get a warning like this:

Tap on “Trust and Open”

Change the simulator target to an iPhone of some sort and then run the project.