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iOS foundations Module 6 YELP API


The app development in Module 6 requires use of Yelp API but, I am from a country where Yelp is not available. I am new to API, so, is there a possibility that any other API could be used instead of Yelp?

Hey @TusharKat, which country are you in, India? In the Simulator, you can change your location to San Francisco as Chris does, so you can follow along closely. So unless your country restricts you from signing up for a Yelp account, I highly recommend you use the API.

I recently made it through that module myself, and it wouldn’t be possible without the Yelp API. The whole app is based on it. Anyways, congrats for getting so far in the course already! It took me three months to get to module six.

Hey RedFox1, thanks for replying back. Yes, I am from India and I have problem signing up on Yelp as Yelp is not available in my country. Do using API’s of similar sites like TripAdvisor work instead of Yelp? Thanks in advance.

Yes you could use another API but your code and models won’t match exactly

You could try using a VPN that allows you to “mock” your location somewhere else

Thank you, I found a way to continue.

Can you share what you found? And mark it as the solution for others