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iOS Foundations (SwiftUI): Debugging in Xcode

Hello, everyone,
I’m pretty sure that in one of the iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) modules Chris describes and shows debugging in Xcode. But I’m having a hard time finding the right video.
Does anyone happen to know off the cuff which module and video that was in?
Thanks and Regards


Hi Paweł,

I don’t recall any details in the iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) course that covers debugging but then it has been many months since I did that course.

Here is a video by Sean Allen on debugging in Xcode using breakpoints.

Chris Ching also has a video on Xcode 14 titled “Xcode 14 Tutorial - Step by Step for Beginners (2022)”

If you go to this timestamp

There is a Debugging discussion that you may find useful.