iOS Foundations (UIKit), Module1, Lesson 3 Exercise Assets not correct

Hi Chris,

I am currently iOS Foundations (UIKit), Module1, Lesson 3 Exercise Stack Views and am trying to build what is required in the exercise but the asset file wrong graphics M1L03 Lesson has “UIStackview Images” and not the pictures mentioned.Can you kindly look into this and have it fixed?

The assets you require are there.

When you tap on “Download Materials” you are presented with a Dropbox page.

  • Tap on Module 1
  • Tap on Lesson 03
  • Tap on the file “M1L03B Activity”
  • Tap on the folder “Lesson 03 Exercise Images”

You should see the various sized images for Barbell, Beach and Running.

  • Tap on the Download button on the top right of your screen and select “Direct Download”.

Those images will be downloaded to your Download folder and named as “M1L03B Activity”
Double click on the file and then open the folder with the same name and drag the images into your assets catalogue.

My bad :frowning:

Will be careful in future.