iOS networking 2023

what is happening to the iOS networking 2023 course?

Keep in mind that lessons are being released by Chris Ching progressively. A lot of work goes into creating each lesson in terms of planning, recording, editing, checking etc so it’s not a one day exercise to get one to the point that it can be released.

In the Welcome section of the Introduction module Chris does make this statement:

“I’ve decided to release this course as I’m producing the lessons so that you can start learning earlier but in doing so, you’ll have to wait for new lessons to be released each week. I thank you for your patience!”

the problem is this statement, you’ll have to wait for new lessons to be released each week

How many weeks has been passed.

While the lessons are excellent, I am feeling very uncomfortable when I see this statement.

There might be family issues at play or other issues of a private nature that may be preventing Chris from getting the next lesson out right now. Maybe tackle another course rather than sweating on when the next lesson is released for the Networking course.

The most recent lesson (Lesson 8) was posted Last Tuesday.

He should tell us that there will be some delay for private
issue, and not let us guess what is happening.

Whoa, back up a bit. He did say that there would be a new lesson released each week and to date that has pretty much been the schedule that he has stuck to.

Lesson 8 was released a week ago
Lesson 7 was released 13 days ago
Lesson 6 was released 21 days ago

So Lesson 9 should be out pretty soon.

If you understand this way, I have noting to say. Anyway, keep up the hard work.


I’m so sorry for not responding sooner and for not being transparent enough with everyone including our own code crew moderators.

The original plan was to release lessons weekly but we noticed that students were left wondering when the next lesson would come out. So we’re going to try releasing it per module instead. So we’ll be releasing all of module 2 all at once when it’s ready.

To give a rough timeline, there are 4 modules in total and I’m really targeting to finish this course before end of Sept.

I’m going to write this information inside the course so that expectations are clear.

Thanks Chris Parker for conveying the last known information about the course schedule. It’s my fault for poor communication to the team and students. I apologize again!

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Thanks for your clarification. Keep up your good work. Thanks