iOS Tutorial (2020): How To Make Your First App Video Help

Hello guys i am new learning how to start to write an app and I have been trying to learn from the videos step by step but I can’t seem to find what I did wrong. I think a picture will show how I messed it up. basically what I code it on and when I run it. They do not look the same.

Hi @Mango

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I assume that you are watching this video:

and following along with Chris as he describes how buttons are added to the storyboard, then constraints applied and then images are added to the buttons.

I note that in your File Navigator on the left it looks like you have a folder with the Lesson 2 images. The images should not be added that way, rather, they should be added to your Assets.xcassets folder and the way you do that was described by Chris in the tutorial at 36:30.

Chris then describes how to add those images as background images to each of the buttons.