iOS Tutorial (2020): issue with background image when viewed in storyboard and simulator [SOLVED]

Good day
I am a new iOS student who have started their journey in app development a couple of weeks ago and I am following the iOS Tutorial 2020 version. I am encountering some issues when I am applying the background image part of the tutorial, specifically when you are adding new constraint with the option “constraint to margin” uncheck.

the results were as seen in the IMGUR image below:

and here:

any info that would help me understand what I did wrong and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Here is the tutorial I am following:

the issue happened in Auto Layout as well as the Stack image view chapter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Good day.

I have actually use the search function in this board to see if I have a similar issue. It seems that yes, there was a similar issue that I have with working solution.

To the people involved in the topic on the link I thank you,

I am now closing this thread and marking as solve.

Ill be more cautious for now and try to see if a solution is already available and not be hasty in posting questions without researching them first.