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Is 8 GB Ram Enough?

I have been using a MacBook Air m1 8GB ram for the past year for coding with uikit and it has been working flawlessly and very fast.

However, I recently thought that I would dip my feet in swiftui for a bit and loaded up Chris’s video on one screen and Xcode on the other, And when I started live preview it immediately started lagging and just froze on the screen.

I had to manually shut it down and then force quit XCode.

I want to know if anyone else with a similar system experienced these problems and if they were only there because it was my first time opening live preview.

Never happened to me
MacBook pro, M1, 8GB
Chris‘ video on one screen, XCode on the other (and several XCode projects open). And a bunch of other stuff (image editing, ducky, some browser tabs,…)

Aight thx for taking the time ,
I think it could be because I’ve opened it after a while that it takes some time to start up
I will try again and if it’s still very slow I would prolly contact apple

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Same here, MacBook m1 pro 8 gb and no problems. I eventually opened up too many tabs in a project and my Mac let me know I was hitting the limit os I just closed a few tabs and was fine.

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