Is there a tutorial by Chris for Using UDP connections in Swift

Hi All,

I am new to the community so I hope I am posting in the correct spot.

I am working on an MacOS App using Swift to control and communicate with an external device via a UDP socket. I know the port to use and have some command / response code information on the device but I am hitting a wall when it comes to setting up a UDP connection in Swift. I want to create a client that can setup the UDP connection and send and receive data through the conection.

Since iOS is so similar to MacOS when it comes to Swift programing an using Xcode, I was wondering if Chris has any tutorials on this subject in a course. Or if he had some code examples somewhere on how to establish a UDP connection and send/receive data.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately I don’t think he has any UDP connection videos. Chris’ videos are related to iOS, not Mac development.

However I recently heard of a slack group for Mac OS dev that may help you, check out AppKit Abusers and several other resources here