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Issue with Image Slider

Hi so I’ve run into a few problems with my code which I can’t seem to find a solution on. I’ve stated all the issues in the post on GitHub which I link down below.

I’ve got a functioning page indicator but however I can’t seem to get it to be located on the far down left of the images, it happens to appear underneath it instead of on top.

Anyhow, that’s one of a few issues I have. It would be MUCH appreciated for any kind of help or feedback on how I can fix even one of these issues or even to get some help in one direction.

GitHub - Gharfield/Automatic-Image-Slider-SwiftUI: Im trying to create an automatic image slider, but I've encountered a few problems which I can't seem to figure out. Would be much appreciated if someone would take a look at this, and help me out.. Feel free to either comment here on contact me on GitHub. :slight_smile: