Issue with Segue transitions

Hello, guys. How do you solve issues like this.

I have few UIView Controllers in my storyboard. I switch between them with segue transitions - ‘Show’ mode. And they switch normally - every new view is fullscreen. But one segue relation has mode - ‘modal’ (I need one modal for menu). And from this modal menu I have segue relation to another View Controller - and this segue is “show”.

I expect that from modal I move to another controller in normal animation. But all further changes are happening in modal view (with card style).

What should I do to go from Modal view to normal view via segue?
Thank you very much!

Three screenshots. Before the modal, with the modal and after the modal.

It just came to my mind that I can create simple view and animate it as a popup inside my View Controller.

But still I wonder is it possible to solve my issue.


I think you want the style to be modal? If so you can set it like this:

view.modalPresentationStyle = .automatic



No. If we look at screenshots, I want screenshot 3 look like screenshot 1. With no rounded borders (modal style) like.

But as I understood, I don’t need modal. I will make hidden popup which will appear.

Do you want it to slide up for the bottom? Or like a push and slide in from the right.

If the former, you can set .full and you will get the look you are after. The latter can be set in the storyboard as well when you select show.


No. Animation doesn’t matter.

The problem is that after I go from modal controller to another controller, it all appear in modal view, but those controllers are not modals. It is like all further segue relations are modal, but they are simple show.

Have you set the segue to Show (first pict).


Select the VC and set the transition from Automatic to Full.


That should get you what you are looking for. Apple defaults to modal presentation these days.


Well, it partially solved the problem. Thanks.

But transition animation changes after the transition between modal view and full screen view. Before it slide from right to left, and after everything slides from the bottom.

Anyway I see no reason to use View as a modal if it has segue to another view inside - the behavior is unclear to me.