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Issues in a new project

Hey, I was just playing around with my app and it just started showing me some issues so since I thought the issues were in my code, I made a new project after trying my best to fix the issues. Now, even in the new project, it shows 6 issues even though I made no changes the the code.

Can you tell us what the issues are?

it’s having trouble in actually running the code

it wouldn’t let me add all photos in one post so heres another

The first error is referring to the fact that you don’t have a development team specified.

I’m assuming that you do not have an Apple developer account as yet?

I do have an Apple developer account

When you created your project what did you specify as the project type on the first screen?

it was an app

heyy, I just reopened it and the errors are somehow gone. Thank you so much for trying to help : )