Issues with Installing Xcode on MacStadium

Hello - I am new to iOS development and I am trying to install xcode. I have one month free trail membership to MacStadium. I am trying to install xcode on a remote Mac machine using TightVNC Viewer that I installed on my Windows 10 PC.

I keep getting the error that says: Failed to recv data from socket.

Please see attached file for the error message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I would have thought that using the App Store to install Xcode (as you are trying to do) would be the logical way to go about it.

What you might need to do is create an Apple ID in order to use the App Store application on the MacStadium instance. The other thing that you might have to get is a Developer Account (free initially unless you want to shell out the $99 for a paid account). Without a paid developer account there are restrictions on the number of Apps you can create in a 7 day window (currently 10) and also restrictions on how many Apps you can place on your real device (currently 3 from memory).

Here is a link to the MacStadium documentation (you may already have that but… just in case).

Thank you so much for you reply Chris. I tried logging into the App Store with my Apple ID. But for some reason it is not signing in on the Mac. When I log into my Apple ID from my PC, it works fine but not on the Mac.

If you look at the screen shot, I click where it says Sign-In and I enter my Apple ID and PW. It does not give me an error that my ID not valid it just is not signing in.


The best thing to do is contact the MacStadium people. There should be a chat window that you can activate to communicate with a help desk. Good luck.

I have, but they have not been very helpful


That’s poor service in my view. I would suggest that you cancel your subscription and seek a refund if they cannot provide the service that you are paying for.

If you have a twitter account you can contact them directly and complain that the service is poor. Anything posted on twitter is seen my a lot of people so bad publicity should get some action . Their twitter handle is @MacStadium.