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It's an @ObservableObject, but Xcode says it's not

I’m defining a variable, ‘currentItem’ as a published object inside a class that conforms to ObservableObject (very last line in the code below).

struct Periodical: Codable, Identifiable
  var id: UUID = UUID()
  let name: String          // name of the periodical
  let dueDate: Date         // due date
  let price: Double?        // price paid for the subscription
  let notes: String         // any comments

  var dateExpired: Bool     // Is the current date at or past due date?
    let expired = dueDate < Date()
    let isToday = Calendar.current.isDateInToday(dueDate)
    return expired || isToday

  enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey
    case id
    case name
    case dueDate = "expirationDate"
    case price
    case notes

class Periodicals: ObservableObject
  static let itemKey = "Items"

  var bypassDidSet = false    // Prevent endless didSet loop.

  @Published var items = [Periodical]()
      if !bypassDidSet
      { save() }

  @Published var currentItem: Periodical?

Notice that ‘items’ is also @Published.

When I try to declare it in a view, I get this error:
Generic struct ‘EnvironmentObject’ requires that ‘Periodical?’ conform to ‘ObservableObject’

struct ItemRow: View
  @EnvironmentObject var periodicals: Periodicals
  @EnvironmentObject var currentItem: Periodical?    // error here

Notice that I don’t get the same error for ‘periodicals’ which was also defined as @Published in the same class.

Any advice?

Never mind. I get to it through ‘periodicals.currentItem’.