It's Friday! What went well this week? Share your victory!

Hey CodeCrew,

I love to stay positive and optimistic, even through the tough times because having a positive mindset gets things done!

So shout it from the top of the mountain:

What went well on your app development journey this week?

We celebrate milestones big and small!

Even if you fixed a bug or some iOS concept finally clicked for you, it’s important to recognize that you’re making progress.

Post it below and let’s celebrate our progress towards our goals!

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This week, I was creating a journal app demo using Firestore database and I really enjoyed it… I got into the zone, had the music going, grooving and moving and finished the demo in a couple of hours which flew by like no time at all. I haven’t felt that in a while! :fire:

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It won’t change the world, but the break through for me was a simple way to create a button with SwiftUI

Button("Button Name") {
print("button tapped")

I am so easily pleased! :)

Nothing really went well, but my positive is that I didn’t give up.

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I solved a bug, in 15 mins, that had been plaguing me for 3 days prior

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Good advice, Thanks Chris.