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JSON Accomplishment - Simple Pokedex

I just learned how to parse JSON in the iOS Foundation M2L12, and after I finished the challenge, I realized I could create a simple scroll Pokedex. Found a JSON data on Generation I Pokemons. And in about 2 hours got this result.

Very happy I tried, a lot of the JSON data were dictionaries and arrays, so it pushed me to really understand how to apply more complex data. :sweat_smile:

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Well done man.

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Nice! I still love pokemon. However, not the new versions on switch. Granted, I haven’t played them or tired them out, I just like how it is in the older versions.


Thanks, I hope to implement images and better interface as all 800 pokemon is on one view.

Wow! Lots of entries and dedication right there! I look forward to seeing it in the future!

Oh the data wasn’t not made by me, it can be easily found online. Then it’s a matter of using a List or ForEach.

I think I remember Chris mentioning how the View only renders what’s visible. So I don’t think the list being long is an issue anymore.!

This is currently where I’m at:

Especially when you put in a Search bar… Also, your pic is showing inconsistency for how it should be. NavigationBarTitle should be at the top of the grey box. It’d expand the list view too.

I know this is a PokeDex and what those are, but what’s your plans overall with this project?

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First off, thank you for the feedback. The code is a bit scrappy since I’m more concerned about understanding certain concepts I encounter in the course.

As for what I have plan, not much it’s really just for fun and a challenged to build my confidence that I’m understanding what’s taught in the course (And Add to my Portfolio). Here’s the concept design I found on dribbble by ** Sulis Triyono** that I’m replicating.


Looks great! and this is a great project for understanding concepts :slight_smile:

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