Just got through Lesson 2 ( Auto Layout Tutorial (2020) - Lesson 2) - Background

Hi, I m new here and also a newbie to Xcode.

I followed the directions in the Lesson 2 tutorial and all is well until I got to adding the background.

It is not fitting the entire screen and also when I changed the orientation, the background is not rotating.

Not sure if I missed some step. Would appreciate any insights as to what I am doing wrong.

Not sure how to paste a screenshot so had to upload them. Just received a message that as a new user I can only place one embedded item so I am sending the one with the orientation.



In your storyboard, select that background element and over on the right hand Attributes Inspector panel, set the “Content Mode” to “Aspect Fill”

Thanks Chris.
That did the job. It was previously saying “Aspect Fit”.
Now I can move on the other really remarkable tutorials.