Kathy Braden OMOA Challenge

Okay here goes: I am a newbie to coding; however I have followed Chris beginning courses and have complete my first app interface and code. Build Successfully! My goal for the month is to figure out why my videos drop down to the storyboard lauchpoint, complete it and upload to Google Play & App Store. Hopefully it goes well!

Best of luck!

What do you mean “drop down to the storyboard launch point?”

Developing an iOS app with Xcode you can only upload it to the App Store, not the google play store

Thanks for the tip of the day. How do you upload your app into google play? Android?
Now on to the storyboard launchpoint, when I click on the video to play look like the video move down mid interface of phone. Help if I am explaining wrong


If you create a project with Xcode, this is only for iOS. You can NOT upload this to google play.

This group is dedicated to iOS developers, you’ll find better luck with android and google play, in a different group