Kenroy Gayle - OMOA Challenge

Hey Guys,

I am starting this challenge really late but I thought I would still give it a try. :laughing:

So I decided to work with the theme Finance and create Bitcoin price tracker that will show the historical price of bitcoin on a graph.

I will be creating the UI using UIKit (Still need to learn SwitfUI :confounded:) and I found a nice little API that I can use to pull the historical data from, its call nomics.

So stay tuned as I get started

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Ok, So far I created the basic interface and worked out the overall logic of the app. Added a UISegment that will be used to adjust the historical data timeframe in the graph. and a picker view that will select the cryptocurrency.

So next I work set up a line chart to display the cryptocurrency data, after that I will work on pulling the data from the API.

Here is a sample of the work so far

Let me know that you guys think so far.

This is really cool.

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So I managed to finish the design of the line chart, working with carts is pretty cool.
The chart frame made everything a lot easy and fun.
here is how it looks:

So next I will work on getting and structuring out my data from the API

So no UI change in this update but I manage to get the data from the API and parse out the JSON into objects.

My next task to represent the data using the line chart

Hey guys,

Well I may have started the challenge late but I am glad I was able to complete the project in time. Even though the app is really simple, I actually learnt a lot, especial on sending and receiving network request and parsing JSON and I had a lot of fun testing out the Chart package, something I will definitely be using again.

You can view the sample view below: