Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Keyboard !?

Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac
Does it replace the Magic Keyboard that comes with the iMac ?
I’m wondering about replacing the Mac Magic Keyboard. I’ve been looking at the Kinesis ? Anyone know if it replaces the magic completely ? I think it is programmable, any info on that - how well it works ?
It can cost $140 and $60 for accessories on is their home page !

Thanks for your input people :wink:

@CodeWithChris I think you were asking about keyboards ?

Kinesis isn’t in the list … :woman_shrugging:
The 7 Best Alternatives to Apple’s Official Magic Keyboard

  • Logitech K380.
  • Anker Ultra Compact Keyboard .
  • Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboard .
  • Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac .
  • WASD Code.
  • Azio MK Mac Keyboard .
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard .

Pic is Kinesis blue, wireless !

the special buttons seem to map just fine so i think it should work, but why a separate type of keyboard though?

For a better feel, and easier to read the characters on key caps !
Gray on white is hard on the eyes, need more contrast !
The Pro keyboard has mechanical keys - last longer !?

I’m not sure if mechanical keys lasts longer but they sound louder (type a typewriter) so if you want to hear clicking sounds when you type then go for mechanical

Kinesis has two types of mechanical key types a brown and a red.
The brown make a click the red are mostly silent, quite !
They are rated at 50 million strokes, that’s like 40 years of typing !
The Blue keyboard doesn’t have mechanical keys but button keys.
Yes, I’ve studied their site some what, and find it interesting, informative !

if you like it then you should give it a try, they should able be able to provide support if you run into issues