Kotlin courses?

Hello follow students) I heard so much that kotlin is like swift that decided to learn it. It really is much like swift, I was amazed after i looked at language, the problem is i can not find any decent course(like Chris’s course). Maybe i have put my standart a little high = but i want a course that teaches how build app using Android studio, and in the process teaches kotlin. So far any i found - were like, lets 30 minutes download android studio, than let’s copy paste code, where the only explanation is - you can do the same in java. Anyone know even one youtube video with decent explanations?

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Hi Anna, this group is mainly dedicated to Chris’ courses and iOS development. We may not be the best group to be asking this question to

Try raywenderlich.com he has video courses but you have to pay after the first free intro taste.

In his store there are books, tutorials, on Kotlin.
I’m reading his book Swift Apprentice at the moment, it is very through.
The Swift book is 60.00 $ USDollars I think ? I got mine last week for half price, it comes with software and is in epub, and PDF formats

Thank you. I will look it up.

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