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"Learn iOS in 90 Days" duplicates part of the 14-day beginner challenge.. where should I go?

I’ve successfully completed the 14-day beginner challenge (and enjoyed it) and am now moving on to the “Learn iOS in 90 Days” plan.

However, I’ve noticed many elements of the iOS Foundations course (like the War Card Game) duplicate the 14-day challenge.

If I have completed the challenge, should I start on the “Recipe List App” project in iOS Foundations or move onto another path?

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I am still trying to figure out how to access 14 day challenge.

You can do either iOS foundations or continuing the 90 day challenge would be fine!

Welcome to the community! Are you a member of CWC+?

Yes, I am.

The “14 Day Beginner Challenge” is also Module 1 of the “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)” course but the “14 Day Beginner Challenge” course is free. When you decide to join CWC+ and then do the “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)” you can skip Module 1 since you’ve already covered that material.

The “Learn iOS in 90 Days” is essentially a road map that guides you through the courses at a recommended rate. It’s structured in Days so that you don’t overload yourself with content since for some people that kind of saturation can be detrimental to remembering what you’ve learned.

It’s really up to you how you want to approach the learning process so you can go full steam ahead in the “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)”


Use the road map laid out in the “Learn iOS in 90 days” course.

That is helpful information. Still thinking about whether to subscribe. I posted a question about my current situation and still waiting for a response.

Edit I found the resources.

I kinda of in the same spot finished the war card game decided to sign up for cwc+ and start “iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)”. I’m new to CWC+ but I can’t seem to find the answers to the challenges in-between the lessons. Does Chris post them anywhere because I would like to see if we got to the solution the same way.