Lesson 04 UIStackview

Hi, Newbie here trying to learn iOS app development and following the tutorials. Must say, these tutorials are fun and engaging and helping me to kill some boredom due to LD. I have a question about Lesson 04 UIStackview. I am following the lesson and struggling to get the text on the 3 buttons as per the screenshot. The text keeps pushing towards the right rather than on the button. Am I missing something or doing something wrong here? Kindly advise. I am using xcode 11.x.x. (latest xcode version) Many thanks.Lesson04StackviewQuery

Hi @Zach,
It looks like you have selected the FB image under “Image” instead of “Background”, just underneath.

Many thanks @cedric06nice edric06nice I did realised as it was demonstrated in the next lesson of War Card Game :slight_smile:

please mark as resolved, it can help other in the future