Lesson 3 bonus exercise

Hello! Newbie here. I was doing the bonus exercise for lesson 3 and I have changed the content compression resistance priority like Chris said in the video to fix the problem of image being overflowing. However, im still getting error. In addition, I have set my stackview bottom constraint 0 to the view. But its still not touching the edge of the screen, instead, its touching the safe area. So total of 2 questions. I have attached my screen.

Hi @Shannon_Huang,

Can you please send a screenshot of your StackView constraints?

here you go. Thank you for your help

Everything looks good in that column but the red constraints means that you are missing something…

Have you changed the “View as” device to show as iPhone X/11 on the bottom of the page?

Do you have a red arrow on the right of the “View Controller Scene” to tell you that you have missing constraints?

In the photo it seems like you have conflicting constrains

Hey @Shannon_Huang, did you fix this issue, I have been facing the same problem, did few research changing few constraints bit no luck.
Anyone got this fix? Please share your inputs.

Are you running it in the simulator and still seeing it constrain to the safe area??

Sometimes storyboards aren’t completely accurate.

I would try:

  1. Uncheck constrain to margins
  2. Change drop down to view (rather than safe area)
  3. Set value to 0
  4. Add constraint