Lesson 4 - Varying "Deal Button" issue

Hi, I’m trying to adapt the “Deal Button” for the smaller phones but somehow I can’t push the button up!!

What I’m doing wrong?
I tried to add constrains to all the different possibilites and aligns and just can’t make the button appear xD

Thanks :smile:

Can you show your constraints?
Your button is certainly hidden between the 2 Player StackView and CPU StackView when you are horizontal on the smaller screens.

Chris does cover the issue of constraints for device variants. If you have a look at the live streaming version of the build you will see that he shows how to cater for smaller devices and different device orientations.

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Compression! :man_facepalming:
Need to stop forgetting that new skill…

Hi, thanks for the help.

Today I had more time and decided to review all the constraints, so, what I realized was, I din’t attribute a new variation :man_facepalming:

PS. I din’t know about the livestream, he talks in other things. Thanks for the tip Chris_Parker :facepunch: