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Hey everyone, I’m stuck because I’m not sure how to find the last lesson on the Menu App. does anyone have any info on this?


This is a relatively new course and the Lessons are being created and uploaded progressively. Lesson 5 is still to come so hang in there man.

what is the frequency of the lesson upload ? How much time it generally takes for the next lesson to come out ?

Oh man, I was so hyped about the course and then it just hit me that it is not fully released yet. Im also looking forward to the next lesson.


Guys there is a fair bit involved in getting a video sorted out before being uploaded to the site hosting the lessons.

Aside from Chris recording the video of what he is doing on screen there is also a second camera aimed at him while he is describing the process. These two videos have to be edited together so that their timecodes match, graphics added where needed and then checked to make sure there are no errors and that it all makes sense to someone watching it and following along. So there is a bit of to and fro work between the editor and the creator before it is ready to be uploaded.


Hi @ARJ_123 @golfynathor! Appreciate your enthusiasm guys. Lesson 5 will be out this Thursday, Mar 23. We aim to release new lessons every week.

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