Lesson 8 warcard game build failed

Hello all thank anyone who looks at this for taking the time to respond to my problem. I have went through the necessary steps to finish the war card game. I have also connected all of the ubi outlets and actions and when I go to run it, it shows that the build has failed. Here is a screen shot showing the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like you have deleted the AppIcon folder that would have been there by default. That has to be there whether there are images in the placeholders or not.

To re-create that folder, do the following:

  • Open your assets catalogue
  • Right click and select “iOS” then select “iOS App Icon”

A folder should appear titled AppIcon.

That should solve the error you are getting.

Thank you for your help, Unfortunately this is all I am getting when I right click?

Ah so you have an earlier version of Xcode whereas I have Xcode 12.

If that is Xcode 10 (or maybe 11) then select “App Icons & Launch Images” and then select “New iOS App Icon”

What version of Xcode do you have and what version of macOS do you have?

Thank you so much for your time and patience I am on the latest version of MacOs Im still waiting for the update to Big Sur. I am updating Xcode though and will keep you informed once i have it updated.

Here is a screenshot of the latest info on my macOS version and Xcode version

Thank you so much I finally got it to work!!!

Great stuff. Gotta be happy with that.