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Local json url var

Really wanted to get this on my own… but it doesn’t appear the breakpoint is working at all, as it completely finishes on its own.

Also, it’s saying jsonUrl doesn’t exist when the photo shows it does.

Just added to Github GitHub - sourkraut1991/AFSpaceA

You stopped it on line 25, which means it hasn’t run yet, so that’s why jsonUrl doesn’t exist

If you move it to line 29, you’d be able to print jsonUrl

No difference



You have not injected your ObservableObject into your project anywhere so that’s why the init() method in your ContentModel is not triggering.

Consider doing this in your AFSpaceAApp.swift file.

struct AFSpaceAApp: App {
    var body: some Scene {
        WindowGroup {

Nothing is showing up in your RootView either since there is no visible View inside your VStack

Oh… that’s what i forgot… lol thank you Chris! And yeah, I was working on getting JSON to actually show up first.