Local Notifications

Hello Chris,

First of all thank you for the tutorials you’ve been uploading. But here I’m facing an issue. I’m trying to make an application like “Alarmy (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/alarmy-wake-up-alarm-clock/id1163786766)” . In this the app notification services is working different than the other apps on AppStore.

I’ve seen that,

(a) Alarmy app continuously sends notification until user accomplishes his task. This app even works fine when it is cleared from the background running apps.

(b) Alarmy sends notification but the notification counter doesn’t increase after 18 or 19 notifications. This app resends its old notification as new notification after that.

© Alarmy doesn’t have any permission like ‘background fetch’

Can you please help me to understand how this functionality works, by continuously sending notification.

Thanks & Regards!