Login help (beginner) and hello world screen

Which video should I watch to learn how to take the user to (google, fb, or email login) when they click on the various login option buttons?

Also when I run my app ( I just have the initial login page built) the simulation takes me back to the blank hello world white page.

Here is the code the ContentView under import SwiftUI. Any recommendations? Thanks!

struct ContentView: View {
var body: some View {
Text(“Hello, World!”)

Hi Jacqueline,

Welcome to the community.

Would I be right in assuming that you are following the tutorial that covers this user interface design?

If so then when you created your project you appear to have selected SwiftUI as the User Interface rather than Storyboard.

@Jacqueline_Malcolm-P coding is very tedious, be sure to pay close attention to the code in a tutorial and what Chris clicks on!