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Hey, guys and gals!

I’m almost done with 14 Day Challenge and I’m about to start the CWC Orientation and the iOS Foundations (SwiftUI)

If anyone of you is interested in having an accountability buddy or buddies in your SwiftUI Coding Learning journey, just reply “YES” to these thread and I’ll message you privately.

The whole point of it, or the whole intention of this is primarily to help each other finish the courses in a much more enjoyable way knowing that there are also other people who’s working and learning along side with you. Also basically, it’s going to be a support group for people who are in the same journey as you and I.

I’m only considering 4 people at most in this accountability group! So come on and hit me up, guys and gals! Take care and talk to you soon! :slight_smile:

PS: I’ll probably use Facebook’s Messenger app for this. :grin:


Hi marygraceona,

Nice idea. I would be interested in joining your ‘support’ group :slight_smile: So, YEP.

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Hi Mary,

Welcome to the community.

There is a forum section where you can keep a Journal of your progress which you encouraged to make use of. The idea is that you post your progress on what you are doing and this documents your progress and that in itself is a means of making you accountable to yourself. Your fellow coders can take an interest in how you are progressing and offer encouragement.


YES! Just finishing up the 14 day challenge, and getting ready to start iOS Foundations too.

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Hi, Michael! I’ll send you a private message! And thank you and welcome! :heart::hugs::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi marygraceona, YES I am also interested in having a learning buddy. Just finished up the 14 day challenge, and am struggling through module 2 challenge 2 of iOS Foundations.

will send you a private message, paulyd

Is it too late?

Hi, buddy! It’s not too late! :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK awesome. I would love to join the group

YES! I would love to if it’s not too late. I’m pushing through the course and I was just wanting some coding peeps who are in the same boat.

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By any chance, has there been any traction on this?


I hope its not too late to join this club. Looking for like minded people as well :slight_smile:

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Hello Chris.

Where is it that I can find this forum?

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Create a new post using the “Journal” category rather than “App Development” or any other category