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Lowest xcode version for begginer

Hi! I am very keen to learn iOS development. I don’t actually have a mac and at this time I can’t afford to buy a one. I am 20 so o don’t have some kinda job or something. But i have a laptop that can run mac O’S. Can you guys help me and tell the lowest version of xcode that is suitable as a begginer so that i can download and start. I tried 11.7 but it lags too much on my Catalina that is installed on VMware

Welcome! I understand your position. I’m a little older than you (okay, a LOT older!), but I have similar financial restraints.

I consider myself “lucky” that I do have an old Mac mini (late-2014) which can - just about - run Xcode 13.3, but it’s not always a pleasant experience. Xcode seems to be a behemoth of GBs. I’m sure its latest update was the reason my Mac became unusable for the best part of three days.

I can’t answer your question on which is the oldest/lowest version of Xcode you can use because I don’t have experience of older versions of Xcode. Nor have I used macOS on VMware (I’ve experimented with it on VirtualBox - because my Windows laptop is more powerful than my Mac mini - but it’s very unstable, and I wouldn’t want to risk it losing my data when it has a spontaneous crash, so I’m only using my Mac mini now).

I do wish you luck, though, and I hope you keep us updated with how you get on. I’m sure there will be someone else asking a similar question in the future and your experience will be invaluable to them.

Welcome to the community!

What version of macOS are you running? It seems to be an issue of your current hardware that you’re running the VM on.

If it is possible you can get a refurbished iPad, for much less than a Mac, and try Swift playgrounds to get started