M06 L02 - News app Project setup - problems with View Controller and Article Model


At time stamp 11:19, Chris tests his code to make sure all of his initial setup is OK. At 11:32, he gets the confirmation message in the console “articles came back”

I’ve checked my code against Chris’ several times, and I cannot figure out what is wrong. My code seems to be the same as Chris’.

Problems in ViewController.swift:

Problems in ArticleModel.swift:

Is there some difference between Xcode 9 and Xcode 10 that could be causing this?

Thank you for any help



In your first screenshot the error message is telling you that the “ViewController does not conform to ArticleProtocolDelegate”

You need to add that ProtocolDelegate to the class definition in the same way that you added the QuizProtocol to the ViewController class in the Quiz App.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the catch about needing to add the protocol delegate to the class definition.

I had been working on Module 6 - NEWS app in a pretty haphazard manner. Today, I started over and paid careful attention to all the steps Chris did in his code for Leson 2 – Project Setup.

All is well now. I don’t completely understand ALL the details about the protocol-delegate pattern, but the necessary steps are starting to sink in.

Thanks again,


Hi Marie,

Yes, it’s important to take your time or rewind the videos just in case you missed something.