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MacInCloud vs Mac Computer


I am currently enrolled at UNCC for full stack web development and web application development. I have also been using your free videos alongside some other sources to self-teach iOS application development. I have almost completed my first application, but my question now comes as this.

What do you think about me working out of a Mac-In-Cloud server from my windows computer to develop IOS applications. I purchased a new windows computer not to long ago and cannot really afford to go out and go with a MAC computer now. Also would a modern MacBook be sufficient to create and test larger applications in simulators? Everything I have done so far has been done through my Mac in cloud server, which brings me to my next question. Never using Xcode outside of mac-in cloud, it seems to be laggy in the server side of Mac in cloud. Is it the same when I run it on a MacBook or Mac desktop? I really want to take advantage of your Black Friday sale for the membership as it has been extremely helpful and detailed, but also am looking for answers before my commitment so I have a clearer path of my priorities.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the story book email.

Don’t worry, Xcode works fine on a modern MacBook.