Hi Team/Community,

My name is Okky and I’m completely new to coding and app development.
I’ve been working for apple in the retail stores for 8 years now and wanted to branch out into development of code and or app development.

My question regarding the training videos is that I don’t seem to have a main.storyboard file present in my view and that I’m doing all the editing in my launchscreen.stroyboard. That being said should I be worried and if so, how do I get my main.storyboard back?

Thanks for helping me out crew :slight_smile:

You don’t have a storyboard because when you created the project, the User Interface dropdown was set to SwiftUI. You need it to be set to Storyboard instead.

As for whether or not you should be worried… well, not if you are trying to create a SwiftUI app! :wink:

You could probably rename LaunchScreen.storyboard to Main.storyboard and then add a new LaunchScreen.storyboard and also make some changes in your SceneDelegate class but, honestly, unless you’ve done a whole lot of work already it’s probably just easier to start over fresh with a new project and select Storyboard this time.

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Omg thank you so much!! what a simple fix.

I also have another issue with my simulator that when running it, it always just comes up with my Hello, world project which was done ages ago as a test. but I’ll start a new thread if I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks again for your help and fix :slight_smile: