Make an App for Beginners (2019)

When I build my app from a new lesson, it is building the previous apps from other lessons into the same app. So for example, today I finished Lesson02 Bonus and instead of having the background of the island with the dark text box - I get the Hello World app in the simulator. It starts with the island and text then after a split second the white Hello World screen overlays it…

How can I stop it from doing this?

Currently using latest version of Xcode. It is pretty confusing.

Are you following the 28 Day challenge? If so make sure that when you create the project initially you select the options shown in this screen capture.

You need to make sure that you select Storyboard from the User Interface options.

If you have created it leaving the default as SwiftUI then it will confuse the heck out of you when you start building the user interface inside the LaunchScreen and then run it, that’s exactly what you will see. Momentarily you will see the interface you built and then this just like you described.

So start again and create your project and make sure that you have selected Storyboard. The user interface you build should be put together in Main.storyboard.

The opening project should look something like this:

OK that explains things - I assumed it was just a change due to using Xcode 11 and didn’t realise I could change it.

Thanks for the heads up, will make life much easier from here-on in :slight_smile:

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