Match App card game - Cards are not alligned 4 in a row in the simulator

My cards are not aligned in rows but rather look like the attached picture. I rewatched Lesson 20 (Project Setup) various times. Not seeing what I did wrong… Anyone have a clue?
A few key insights:

  1. Size of cards looks good in the Main storyboard but are not aligned in the simulator.
  2. I re-re-rereviewed all constraints (Background/Collection View/Card Cell/Content View etc…) all seem fine.
  3. I am on xcode 12.3 (menus are a bit different from what Chris shows in his videos).
  4. It looks the same for all devices (tried with iphone 12, 12 pro max and 8)

Thank You!!!

Welcome to the community!

What steps have you taken so far to fix the problem?

Have you made sure that you have applied the correct constraints.

Consider downloading the solution project and running that to make sure that it works. From there you can begin a more detailed debugging of your project.

The likely issue is with the configuration of the cell in storyboard in terms of its size.