Match app error

Any ideas why the following exception throws when running the match app? Only pops up when the playSound is called when clicking cards. The sounds play and the ap runs fine but I see this message in the debug output window. I tried searching for the error code and didn’t really find anything. Any insight is appreciated!

2020-01-28 07:19:54.732885-0500 MatchApp[1439:43760] [aqsrv] AQServer.cpp:68:APIResult: Exception caught in AudioQueueInternalNotifyRunning - error -66671

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Hi Kharbuck29,

Did you get this bug with the audio sorted cause I have the same issue?

For what it is worth, I get the same error and I have no idea why. I built my version of the App back in October 2018 and I don’t remember (can’t remember is more the point) seeing that error but it could have been there.

No, I never did resolve the error. As it didn’t seem to prevent anything from working I didn’t spend much time chasing it.